How do I find reputable pest control in Clapham?

If you are after an effective and reliable local pest control service in Clapham, mercury pest control should be your number one choice. With over 15 years experience in domestic and commercial pest control services, we are the experts in our field. Whether you’ve got a wasps nest in your roof, mice in the kitchen, or you’ve opened a new bar in Clapham in need of a commercial pest control contract, we have got you covered. If you are looking for pest control in Clapham give us a call today on 0208 166 5110 to discuss how we can help you!

Finding a trusted pest control service in Clapham

Choosing a local pest control company can be a daunting task. With so many to choose, how do you know which one? Firstly, it is important to identify if they are a local business. Mercury pest control is a south west London based business, so when it comes to choosing local, we have you covered.  It’s also good to check accreditation, RSPH level two and BPCA are good places to start, as well as NPTA membership. These bodies assure the work of pest controllers to make sure standards are kept high. Finally, making sure your pest controller is reputable, so checking sites such as checkatrade and google reviews will give you a good insight to any recent work.

Mice exterminator Clapham

Mice can squeeze through a hole which is the width of a pencil. In the winter months, mice seek a warm place to live, meaning that your home, flat or business can be the perfect place for a mice to nest.  If you think you have mice, these are some of the early signs to look out for:

  • Scratching in the walls
  • Mice droppings
  • Smearing marks
  • Small holes in food packages that are left unsealed
  • Crumbs around food production areas, i.e. where a mouse has chewed through a packet of food for sustenance.

At mercury pest control our pest controllers are experienced in providing specialist mice treatments for domestic and commercial customers.  As well as providing mice control treatments, we can also provide mice proofing, which can prevent future mouse infestations.

Rat treatments Clapham

Some people say that you are never more than six feet away from a rat. London’s drain and sewer network are an ideal location for rats to call their home. Rats can enter your property via several entry points, but one of the most common issues we see in Clapham homes is rats entering properties via external drains.  If you think you have rats in your Clapham home or business, these are some of the early signs to look out for:

  • ammonia smells
  • scratching in the walls
  • rat droppings (which are slightly larger than mice droppings)

At mercury pest control, we undertake a thorough internal and external survey of your home or business before proceeding with a rat control treatment. This will include inspecting drains/manholes to identify any potential sources of activity.  If you think you have an issue with rats it is important to seek the services of a professional pest control company, such as Mercury pest control.

Squirrels treatments Clapham

Squirrels may look soft and fluffy but they can cause havoc in your home, they can enter your roof of loft extension by gnawing through fascia boards or finding a weak spot in your roof. Once squirrels have entered, they will usually try to nest there due to the warmth and ideal insulation lofts can provide! If squirrels are nesting in your roof, it’s likely that you’ll hear lots of noise as they run about playing. Not only do squirrels like to nest, their sharp teeth means they love to chew too! This can also present damage and a real hazard to your home. For example, they can chew through electric and water pipes in your property. Mercury pest control provides emergency squirrel control treatments in Clapham.

Wasp nest removal Clapham

There isn’t much worse than trying to enjoy a picnic in the garden during the summer months and a wasp comes along and wants to taste your sugary drink. Wasps are small but mighty. Dependent on their age wasps can be up to one inch in length, but can sting a human up to 17 times before meeting their fate. Wasps are more common during the summer months and can nest in some surprising places within your home or garden. There are some common places to look if you think you may have a wasp infestation. Here are some common places we have identified wasps nests:

  • fascia boards
  • wall cavities
  • air-bricks
  • roof tiles
  • garden sheds

Mercury pest control provides emergency wasp nest removal services in Clapham. Our expert technicians offer a rapid and effective response for wasps nests, dealing with them safely and effectively and ensuring you are free from the risk of a nasty wasp sting.

We specialise in moth treatments in Clapham

Did you know that wool carpets, some soft furnishings and clothing items contain Keratin? Common clothes moths feed off keratin and can cause havoc in your home. Have you ever noticed that a favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe is covered in lots of tiny holes? This is because moths lay their eggs on items containing keratin, subsequently the eggs feed off the keratin to grow. Damage to carpets and moth sightings are both signs that you may have a moth infestation. While moth infestation are most common in the summer, if you think you have an issue with moths at any time of the year, it is essential to seek the services of a professional pest control company. At Mercury pest control, we can promptly identify the root cause of the moth infestation, and work with you to eradicate it.

If you are a business based in Clapham, a commercial pest control contract is essential

If you are a Wandsworth business, working with a local pest control company can be key to your success. For example, if you own a cafe or restaurant, a specialist approach to pest control can ensure you receive a five star hygiene rating. In addition to this, if you are a food production company, a structured approach to pest management can prevent any pests entering your business from the supply chain. Finally, as a property manager or landlord, securing the services of a pest control company can reduce your stress and keep your tenants happy! At Mercury pest control, we have significant experience working with a range of commercial customers in Clapham to ensure they meet business guidelines and legislation.

Mercury pest control is your number one choice for pest control in Clapham

Whether you’re a local home owner in Clapham, SW4 looking for a pest controller to deal with a domestic issue. Or you are a commercial company, such as a food business, restaurant or bar, looking to ensure you meet all relevant legislation, Mercury Pest Control is your number one choice. We have over 15 years experience providing professional pest control in Clapham, SW4. If you think you have a problem with pests, give us a call today on 0208 166 5110.



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