Pigeon droppings can be highly hazardous and a risk to public health if left for long periods of time. Not many know but they can carry more diseases and are a serious pest. That’s why having a good Pigeon deterrent system for your London home or business is paramount in keeping them away without causing them harm. Pigeon netting and bird spiking will deter Pigeons from roosting and nesting in areas that can cause risk to your staff and London residents. Mercury Pest Control carries out all types of professional bird proofing works from deep cleaning and sterilising, Pigeon netting and post wiring systems for London homes and businesses. 


    1. Name: Feral Pigeon (Columba livia var.) 
    2. Distribution: Throughout towns and cities mainly nesting in sheltered roof spaces in homes, buildings and structures. 
    3. Features: Length 31-34cm, Pudgy, Light blue-grey and black colour. 
    4. Sustenance: Feeding off scraps, bird feeders and food waste throughout towns and cities.  
    5. Reproduction: Can breed throughout the year if conditions are right but mainly between March-July. 
    6. Risk:

Types of pigeon proofing we provide: 

  • Pigeon spiking 
  • Netting 
  • Post wiring systems
  • Solar panel proofing
pigeon (columba livia domestica) sitting on the cobblestone pavement in front of blurry buildings in berlin

Identify: The technician will complete a full survey to identify the level of activity and recommended course of action.

Report: The technician will then carry out a risk assessment to ensure all works are safely carried out to protect yourselves and our team and a proposal will be put forward.

Proof: Using expert trusted methods pigeon spiking, netting or post wiring system will be installed to deter.

Pigeon Proofing For Commercial Buildings:

Pigeons perching and nesting in and around a commercial business can not only be a nuisance, but also a hazard for staff and members of the public. Pigeon droppings can spread diseases and also carry the risk of damaging buildings and cars. Here at Mercury Pest Control, we have expert pigeon control methods for all London commercial sites such as hotels, schools and office blocks. 

Our trusted techniques range from post wiring deterrent systems, deep cleaning, pigeon spiking and netting which is one of the best options if feasible. Pigeon netting secures the area and makes sure no harm is brought to the birds, which is the most ideal solution when it comes to bird control in London. 

If you think you have an issue with pigeons at your commercial site, then give us a call to arrange for a free onsite site survey with one of our friendly technicians

Pigeon Control London - Frequently Asked Questions

This solely depends on the area of activity as pigeon spiking maybe best for one issue and netting for another. In our experience pigeon netting, spiking and post wiring are the best deterrent systems in London.

There can be a number of factors but this would usually indicate a feeder close by. It may also indicate a potential nesting location in a loft or roof space of the house or neigbours. Speaking with your neighbours is always a good first step to see if they have heard noises in the loft space and if they are feeding them. 

Call a professional pest control or cleaning company. Pigeon feces are highly hazardous and should not be cleaned without the correct PPE, training and products.

This really depends on the level of work that needs to be carried. Some pigeon job are relatively small like a balcony for a flat, to a large hotel in central London. Most professional pest control companies will provide a free onsite survey for your pigeon control requirements.

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