Ant Control London

Typically the most common and reported ant in London homes. Their main habitat is in garden areas, under paving slabs and in soil beds but once inside your home they can become a real nuisance. Emergency pest control call-outs would usually consist of rat control and mice infestations in London homes but we have certainly seen a rise in emergency ant control visits and an increase in activity throughout London homes and businesses. 

Bed Bug Control London

Bed bugs are a nocturnal parasite that can cause havoc in London’s homes and businesses, these nocturnal creatures will feed on a host during the night. Therefore, they can go unnoticed for a while, mainly if you do not show visible bite signs. Typically, bed bugs enter your home from infested hotels, second-hand furniture, hostels or from companion’s homes. Once present, they will get into cracks and crevices, squeezing through the tiniest of gaps throughout your home, making them a very versatile insect and good at hiding before coming out to feed. 

Carpet Beetle Control London

The varied carpet beetle is a textile insect which can sometimes be mistaken for the common clothes moth or even bed bugs. As opposed to the Common Clothes Moth, Carpet Beetles do not fly regularly. As a result, they may go unnoticed for a considerable amount of time.

Cockroach Control London

Cockroaches are one of the most resilient insects around. The rumour that they can survive nuclear radiation is not actually true, but do not let this fool you as they’re one the toughest and also unhygienic insects around. They’re known to carry pathogenic bacteria and can heavily infest buildings which can be very unpleasant for those involved. They can also be extremely damaging to the reputation of restaurants and food production sites if an outbreak occurs.

Flea Control London

There are 14000 species of fleas worldwide, and it has been possible to identify 60 species in Britain. Therefore, it is not surprising that these predatory parasites infest London’s homes and businesses. Fleas can jump high and run speeds that would even impress Usain Bolt. Flea bites can irritate skin and are incredibly unpleasant.

Fly Control London

Flies carry diseases and can also be really damaging to a home or business as it can be an indication of bad hygiene. It may also be linked to having a rodent infestation. At Mercury Pest Control we have visited many London homes on a pest control fly call out and then had to address a rat or mice infestation, so seeing the odd fly may be the indication of a more serious problem.

Meal Moth Control London

Kitchens will be the primary breeding locations for these moths in your home. They tend to feed off-dry foodstuffs, with us even finding them in spices and mixed herbs! They can also chew through food packaging, making these pests a real mouthful when out of control! 

Mice Control London

If you find mice in your London home or business, it can be very stressful. First and foremost, mice carry diseases which can be harmful to your health. There is also the risk that mice can cause structural damage to buildings. Finally, mice reproduce rapidly, which means that it is vital to take action once you establish an infestation. 

Moth Control London

Common Clothes Moths are frequently active in the summer months. In contrast to many of the pests we deal with, moths do not pose a risk to your health. However, Common Clothes Moths can cause significant damage once present in your London home or business. There are twotypes of common clothes moth

Pigeon Control London

Pigeon droppings can be highly hazardous and a risk to public health if left for long periods of time. Not many know but they can carry more diseases and are a serious pest. That’s why having a good Pigeon deterrent system for your London home or business is paramount in keeping them away without causing them harm.

Rat Control London

Rats are intelligent and dangerous creatures. If you spot signs of rats in your London home or business, this can be very distressing. Not only this, if you own a business, a rat infestation can be damaging to your reputation. London’s interconnected drain network means that rats will always identify a way to travel between properties

Squirrel Control London

Squirrels can cause significant damage to your home or business. However, the management of this species is an expert task and must be completed in line with the guidelines in the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981).

Wasp Control London

It is common to see a wasp during the summer. A single wasp in your home or garden is harmless unless, of course, you agitate it! However, when wasps nest in your roof or garden, it can be distressing for you and your family. You should never try and disturb or treat a wasp’s nest by yourself because once the wasp feels threatened, it may retaliate and sting you, which can be extremely painful

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