Pest control in the food industry

To comply with hygiene legislation all businesses operating in the food industry should have effective pest management. Mercury Pest Control’s systems are regularly audited against third party audit standards, including the British Retail Consortium, SALSA and the Soil Association. Mercury Pest Control is also compliant with supermarket audit standards, including: Tesco; Aldi; Co-operative; Waitrose and Marks and Spencer, as well as AIB international and International Food Quality (IFQ). Mercury Pest Control specialises in food production pest control. If you are a food production company, contact us today to discuss how we can support you.

Pest control in the food industry is a legal requirement

Pests can carry diseases which can be a serious threat to public health. Food production companies are legally obliged to produce food which is safe for human consumption, and free from pests and disease. Therefore, if you are a food production company, pest control is a legal requirement. Complying with the Good Manufacturing Practices for food businesses can support effective pest management. Employing a systematic preventative approach such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) to food safety can also prevent pest infestations. Ultimately, working alongside a commercial pest control company, such as Mercury Pest Control can be a solid foundation for exceptional food hygiene.

Preventing pest infestations from supply

There is always a high risk of pests unknowingly entering a food business from the supply chain. An example is where pests breach via food packaging or products from external businesses, e.g. Stored product insects (SPI). However, this threat can minimised by due diligence, such as checking products and packaging on arrival. At Mercury Pest Control we can also provide pest manuals and training for staff to support identification of potential pest issues from supply chains.

Pest awareness training for staff is essential

Staff should have basic pest awareness training for exceptional food safety. Training will support identification of pest issues throughout the food business. An example of this is where pest issues can arise in storage areas. It is imperative that staff are aware of the basic signs of pest activity such as mice and rats, flour beetles, pantry moths and german cockroaches. As a result of pest awareness training, staff will be more confident in identifying early warning signs of pest activity and can report issues to us. At Mercury Pest Control we can provide comprehensive pest awareness training.

Clean your way to exceptional food hygiene standards


Combining effective pest management in addition to cleaning is the bricks and mortar of pest prevention in the food industry. In contrast, pest management is not sufficient without a structured approach to cleaning. A zero tolerance to poor hygiene is essential to prevent pest infestations on-site. In particular, regular deep cleans, spot checks and adequate flooring can all support excellent food hygiene standards. In addition, you can prevent drain flies and gnats by jet washing the drainage network and regular pipework cleaning. At Mercury Pest Control our regular inspections will identify any poor cleaning practices, and provide recommendations for action to improve food hygiene, where necessary.

Prevention is better than cure

Pest proofing forms a key part of effective pest management. Pest ingress is sometimes inevitable. However, Mercury Pest Control can complete a detailed survey to identify any potential ingress points and options for pest prevention. A common issue we identify is gaps under doors where rats and mice can enter the site. Examples of the pest proofing services we provide include proofing air bricks, doors and pipework and other nooks and crannies which may present risk. We can also provide external monitoring to control rats and mice entering the site.

Commercial Pest Control from Mercury Pest Control

At Mercury Pest Control we have cross-industry expertise, including domestic households, restaurants, hotels, pubs, farms and florists. Our pest controllers all hold a minimum RSPH level two and are experts in providing pest control for the food production industry. In addition, our in house technical team is experienced in developing bespoke solutions to meet pest and audit requirements for a range of food production companies, including: bakeries; canneries; mills; breweries; and fruit and vegetable production and packaging. We recognise the importance of working closely with our customers to develop strong relationships to support exceptional audit results. Our structured reporting systems will ensure that your food business complies with all legislation.

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