Bed bugs are a nocturnal parasite that can cause havoc in London’s homes and businesses, these nocturnal creatures will feed on a host during the night. Therefore, they can go unnoticed for a while, mainly if you do not show visible bite signs. Typically, bed bugs enter your home from infested hotels, second-hand furniture, hostels or from companion’s homes. Once present, they will get into cracks and crevices, squeezing through the tiniest of gaps throughout your home, making them a very versatile insect and good at hiding before coming out to feed. Some of the early signs of a bed bug infestation include smearing blood marks on your sheets, small groupings of bites and black spotting around your bed frame and mattress. 

If you think you may have a bed bug infestation, it is vital to contact the experts. As a result of their feeding and breeding behaviours, these bugs can rapidly multiply and cause significant irritation. At Mercury pest control, we specialise in bed bug removal for London’s homes and businesses. If you think you have an infestation, call us today for a no-obligation survey. 

  1. Name: Bed Bug (Cimex lectularius) 
  2. Distribution: Common throughout Britain 
  3. Features: Flattened, Oval shape, Red-brown in colour changing to mahogany colour if recently fed. 
  4. Sustenance: Parasite feeding on mammalian blood, mainly human but also dogs, cats, birds and rodents. 
  5. Reproduction: Eggs – up to 200, laid at around 4-5 a day. Usually hatch above 13 degrees, Nymphs – 5 Moults, taking a few weeks to several months depending on feeding and conditions. 
Bed Bug Infestation And Treatment Service. Bugs Extermination

Identify: The technician will complete a full survey of your property, establishing the level of infestation and necessary treatment.  

Treat: We will safely carry out a three-phase treatment using COSHH regulated insecticides. 

Monitor: to ensure the infestation is eradicated and reduce the risk of future infestation.

Bed bug removal for London Hotels

With many people travelling from all over the world, it’s not a surprise that hotels will come across bed bugs infestations. A distressed guest can lead to a bad review, so acting quickly when an issue arises is key to keeping future guests happy, and making sure the infestation does not spread to other areas of the hotel, causing even more problems. Mercury Pest Control provides rapid bed bug response treatments, containing the infestation and making sure damage limitation is kept as low as possible.

Bed bug Removal for London Homes

A bed bug infestation in your home can be highly distressing. At Mercury pest control, our number one priority is to treat the infestation rapidly and effectively. From the moment you contact us, our expert technicians will be on hand to provide tailored guidance to support the treatment. For the treatment to be successful, customers must work with us to prepare for the bed bug removal treatment. There are some simple steps to take to prepare for a bed bug treatment: 

  1. Strip bedding from all infested areas and wash at a high temperature (minimum 60 degrees celsius) 
  2. Wash clothing from infested rooms at a high temperature if possible. 
  3. Sleep in rooms after treatment. 

Bed Bug Removal London - Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few telltale signs for bed bugs, such as; smearing blood marks on bed sheets, spotting on the mattress and bed frame and bites on the skin, which will typically be on the torso in small groupings or a straight line. 

The cost of treatment can vary on the level of infestation and size of the property. However, on average most three-phase bed bug treatments can range from £250-£700 + VAT.

Bed bugs usually enter after staying in infested houses, hotels, hostels and second-hand furniture. It is also possible for them to enter households from heavily infested neighbours in blocks of flats. 

Check for black spotting around the seams of the mattress, particularly along the bottom of the edges. These are their droppings and are an early sign of an infestation.  

During a bed bug treatment, the best solution for this is to sleep in the room. Bed bugs will follow the CO2 that the host will breathe out at night, and this will draw them onto the insecticide, which will speed up the treatment process. 

The answer to this is dependent on the infestation level. If the mattress has tears in it, this could be a cause for concern, and you may need to dispose of the mattress. We have salvaged many mattresses during bed bug treatments. Therefore it is best to wait until you have had a professional bed bug survey and treatment recommendations before disposing of mattresses. 

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