Your business is your livelihood which is why we make it our livelihood protecting yours. 

London’s businesses are unique, which is why we tailor our pest management approach for each commercial customer. Not only do we have significant experience providing commercial pest control in London but our skilled technicians also have what it takes to ensure your business is pest-free. Our technicians are also all RSPH level two qualified. 

We know that the most effective commercial pest control involves dedicated management of your business and its surroundings. Therefore, our technicians provide dedicated training and support for your staff to ensure that your business remains pest-free. 

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Commercial Pest Control London: Our Approach

Effective pest management is the foundation of all of our commercial pest control services: 

Establish: detailed site survey to establish the root cause of any existing infestations or entry points for future infestations. 

Treat: industry-grade products and methods to eradicate existing issues within your business. 

Prevent and exclude: comprehensive steps to prevent pests from entering your business, including internal and external proofing. 

Evaluate: regular monitoring and evaluation of methods

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Hospitality: Pubs, Restaurants, Cafés

If you own a business that sells food, it is essential to maintain a pest-free environment. Pest activity in your business can damage your reputation, result in fines and a poor food hygiene rating. Maintaining a pest-free environment is essential to keep customers and employees safe.

Food Production Pest Control

Our team provides expert pest management solutions for the food industry. To comply with the law, a food production site must supply food that is safe for human consumption. In short, food must be free from pests and disease

Pest Control for Construction Sites

If you are leading a construction project, pest control should be one of your keys priorities. Not only do unwanted pests pose a risk to the health and safety of your workforce. When left uncontrolled, pests can also reduce the chances of your project delivering on time and to budget.

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