If you are leading a construction project, pest control should be one of your keys priorities. Not only do unwanted pests pose a risk to the health and safety of your workforce. When left uncontrolled, pests can also reduce the chances of your project delivering on time and to budget. 

At Mercury Pest Control we can help you and your team put in place a range of preventative measures that will ultimately support successful delivery of your construction project. 

Health and safety compliance is our key priority  

All of our technicians are fully competent and receive regular training to work on construction sites. We have CHAS accreditation and have lead technicians qualified in Site Safety Supervision Training Scheme (SSSTS). 

Our team will provide a bespoke solution to protect your business. We regularly assess our staff against BRC and SALSA compliance. We also know that each company is unique, and we take the time to deliver the best solution for your business. Our team has the skills and experience to work with you to ensure your site remains pest free, meets all audit requirements, and complies with the law. 

We are experienced providing pest control for construction sites in London
Pest control should be one of the first steps considered when initiating a construction project

Common Pests Found on Construction Sites: Rodents & Birds

The most common pests found on construction sites are rodents and birds. Not only do these pests pose significant risk to the health of your workforce, they can also cause damage to the construction site. At Mercury pest control, we offer robust pest management solutions which are focussed on assessing, preventing and controlling risks to protect your workforce and construction site.

We offer a range of pest solutions including:


  • Bird control and rat control 
  • Pest prevention contracts
  • Pigeon guano cleaning 
  • Pest awareness training 

Whether it’s a demolition, construction or refurbishment, a professional pest management contract will ensure your project is in obligation with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974.

Bird Control for Construction Sites

Feral pigeons can be a nuisance on a construction site and pose a risk to the health of your workforce. For example, Pigeon guano can cause damage to the site, which can cause costly delays. 

All of our technicians are IPAF qualified to operate Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) and can work at height. 

At Mercury pest control we offer a range of bird control services, including: 


  • Pigeon netting 
  • Pigeon spiking 
  • Pigeon guano cleaning and disinfectant service
Pigeons can cause significant damage to construction sites, a pest control contract can deter reduce the risk of damage cause by birds
concrete structure construction site no body for background
Not only do rats cause damage to construction sites, they also carry disease, our commercial pest control expertise can reduce the risk of rat infestations

Rat control for construction sites

Exposed drains, uncovered man-holes, and refuse areas all attract rats to a construction sites. Due to the very nature of many large construction projects, there is a significant risk of a rat infestation. Rats can cause damage to the site, for example, by chewing through electric cables or chewing drainage pipes. However, the most significant risk is a health and safety risk. Rats carry weill’s disease. 

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