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Covid-19 lockdown presents all business owners with challenges. Recent government guidance states that all non-essential businesses should be closed. The British Pest Control Association (BPCA), states professional pest management is a critical service that supports public health. At Mercury Pest Control, we balance the risks of covid-19 against the risk of inadequate management of control and management of pest species. During this period, we can work with your business to keep it pest free, safely and securely. In this latest blog, we discuss some steps you can take as a business owner to remain pest free during covid-19 lockdown.

Maintain exceptional hygiene standards

Pests are often in search of their next source of sustenance! Mice can live off up to three grams of food per day. During covid-19 lockdown, empty businesses and reduced waste collections means more opportunity to source food-stuffs. It is therefore essential to maintain exceptional hygiene standards during this period:

  • minimise the amount of foodstuffs kept on site: by reducing the frequency of food orders from your suppliers.
  • keep all foodstuffs in sealed containers: which cannot be nibbled open by a pesky mouse in search of nutrition.
  • deep cleaning: steam/deep cleaning of the premises will reduce risk of commercial pest issues, from mice, cockroaches and flies.
  • be aware of the signs of infestations: so that you can take rapid action. Early signs of a mice infestation could be droppings, smearing marks or chewed kick-boards. Signs of a rat infestation include droppings, footprints or scratching noises.

Regular interval visits

Mice and rats do not like to be around humans! During covid-19 lockdown, your business may be empty. Empty businesses can be perfect nesting spots for pests. Where possible, it is important to regularly visit your business. Regularly visiting your business is important to identify any early signs of pest intrusion. Additionally, this could prevent pests from nesting in your property unknown for weeks on end. At Mercury Pest Control, our flexible commercial pest control contracts include regular detailed inspection visits of your site. As part of these visits our technicians can ensure all measures are in place to protect your business against pests during covid-19 lockdown.

Pest proof your business


All businesses closed during covid-19 lockdown should identify potential points for pest intrusion. Commercial pest proofing blocks off these entry points and protects against infestations. There are some key areas pests could enter your business:

  • gaps under entrance doors: mice can squeeze through a space as small as a pencil! It is therefore important to cover these gaps, for example with draft excluders.
  • external air-bricks: are a key entry point for mice, should be covered to prevent mice entering the site in search of a warm place to nest and sustenance.
  • pipework: mice will especially use pipework to network around buildings, so proofing any gaps or holes around them will help prevent pest ingress.
  • maintain regular pest control inspections: commercial pest control remains an essential service during covid-19 lockdown. It is therefore essential to work with your pest control contractor to maintain these inspections during this period to help monitor and control any activity.

Pest management contracts

Mercury Pest Control can work with your business during covid-19 lockdown to ensure it is pest free. The safety of your business and customers is our number one priority at Mercury Pest Control. Covid-19 lockdown presents business owners and commercial pest control with new challenges. Our professional pest controllers can work with you and your staff to ensure that your business will remain pest free during covid-19 lockdown. Our RSPH Level 2 qualified technicians work in line with BPCA guidelines to covid-19 secure pest control services. We have over 15 years experience in the pest control industry and significant experience working with business owners across London to ensure they remain pest free during covid-19 lockdown.



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